Archive: 13/05/2007

U.S. Rep.: Best Jobs May Soon Be Found Overseas

Tennessee Congressman Bart Gordon demands more reliable data on the effects of offshoring on the tech work force, and urges science and technology workers to acquire skills that will differentiate them from foreign competitors.

dateMay 13, 2007 in Business
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50 snails shot into space

An unmanned spacecraft carrying 2.5 tons of supplies and 50 snails headed to the International Space Station Saturday after being launched from Kazakhstan.

dateMay 13, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Green Home Tech Wins National Inventor Award

Green technology got another nod Thursday night when an environmentally friendly method for building homes took the top prize at an annual inventors challenge sponsored by The History Channel and a division of the Inventors ...

dateMay 13, 2007 in Other
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