Human Go champ scores surprise victory over supercomputer

A South Korean Go grandmaster on Sunday scored his first win over a Google-developed supercomputer, in a surprise victory after three humiliating defeats in a high-profile showdown between man and machine.

Australian icebreaker home for repairs after Antarctica grounding

Australia's flagship icebreaker has arrived home for repairs after running aground in Antarctica, as the government thanked international teams from China, Japan and the United States for helping to evacuate the expeditioners ...

Brazil uses dammed lake surface for floating solar panels

Two decades ago, a section of the Amazon rainforest was flooded for a dam that currently produces little electricity. Engineers now see that artificial lake as an ideal surface for floating solar panels.

In Atlantic salmon fight, Greenland proves a sticking point

Preventing the long-imperiled Atlantic salmon from disappearing from American waters will require the U.S. to put pressure on Inuit fishermen in Greenland to stop harvesting a fish that has fed them for hundreds of years, ...

Three key start-ups from Africa's top science forum

From disease-fighting drones to wristbands bearing health data for expectant mothers—African entrepreneurs pitched ideas to overhaul everything from healthcare to urban planning before an audience of industry figures at ...

Getting closer to using beer hops to fight disease

Hops, those little cone-shaped buds that give beer its bitter flavor, pack a surprisingly healthful punch. They are widely studied for their ability to halt bacterial growth and disease. Now, researchers report that they ...

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