Amazon trims price of large-screen Kindle Fire

Amazon.com on Wednesday ramped up its challenge to Apple's iPads by trimming the price of its large-screen Kindle Fire and making the tablets available in Japan and Europe.

ALMA finds 'monster' starburst galaxies in the early universe

Some of the brightest galaxies in the universe – infant galaxies that churned out tens of thousands of stars each year at the dawn of the universe – evolved much sooner and in greater numbers than previously thought, ...

Physicists use mechanical micro-drum used as quantum memory

JILA researchers demonstrated thatinformation encoded as a specific point in atraveling microwave signal—the vertical and horizontal positions of a wave pattern at a certain ime—can be transferred to the mechanical beat ...

NY Times to overhaul Web design

The New York Times website is undergoing a major overhaul in an effort to become "cleaner" and more engaging, and also to improve the presentation of online ads.

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