Web video future at heart of Comcast, NBC review

(AP) -- It won't be long before video from the Internet is always within reach - whether it's on a smart phone, a tablet computer or a high-end television in your living room.

SpaceX's 'secret' payload? A wheel of cheese

In the historic launch of its Dragon space capsule Wednesday, Hawthorne, Calif.,-based rocket venture SpaceX didn't carry astronauts or cargo into outer space.

Analysis: On climate, the elephant that's ignored

(AP) -- The latest international deal on climate, reached early Saturday after hard days of bargaining, was described by exhausted delegates as a "step forward" in grappling with global warming. If they step too far, however, ...

Scientists identify spontaneously chain-reacting molecule

In the burgeoning field of nano-science there are now many ways of 'writing' molecular-scale messages on a surface, one molecule at a time. The trouble is that writing a molecule at a time takes a very long time.

NIST's new scanning probe microscope is supercool

The discoveries of superconductivity, the quantum Hall effect and the fractional quantum Hall effect were all the result of measurements made at increasingly lower temperatures. Now, pushing the regime of the very cold into ...

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