Russia, India sign space research pact

Russian and Indian space agencies announced their ministers have signed a joint lunar research and exploration pact.

Foot-and-mouth lab looks for new home

Five U.S. states are vying for a $500 million federal research center that would house highly infectious animal diseases such as foot-and-mouth.

Engineering students use smart materials to design a smart wing

A prototype aircraft wing, designed last year by four Temple mechanical engineering seniors to use “memory alloys” and electrical current to control and position the wing’s flaps, was a finalist in the recent Collegiate ...

Chimps dig up clues to human past?

One of the keys enabling the earliest human ancestors to trade a forest home for more open country may have been the ability to gather underground foods. Now a team of scientists reports for the first time that in Tanzania ...

Proteins pack tighter in crowded native state

The syrupy soup of proteins, ribosomes and membranes inside a living cell is so tightly packed it may increase the structural content of proteins by as much as 25 percent, according to new research from Rice University and ...

PMA-2 Move Readies Station for Harmony Relocation

International Space Station crewmembers move Pressurized Mating Adaptor-2 from the front of the U.S. laboratory Destiny to the Harmony node early Monday, clearing the way for Harmony's relocation to its permanent home.

IBM's Blue Gene Pulls Away from the Pack

IBM’s Blue Gene/L supercomputer sprinted to a new world record as it continued its four-year domination of the official TOP500 Supercomputer Sites list. The world’s fastest computer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ...

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