'Google TV': Sony unveils TVs with Google's Web-surfing system

Sony Corp.'s lineup of sleek televisions boasting Google Inc.'s Web-surfing system will go on sale Saturday, testing how much consumers are willing to pay to combine access to the entire Internet with their regular TV programming.

Smartphone video call adoption stymied: Juniper

Juniper Research on Tuesday said that Apple's latest generation iPhone will spur adoption of video calls but the trend is stymied because different devices don't talk to one another.

Half-year record for US online ad revenue: IAB

US online advertising revenue rose 11.3 percent during the first six months of the year to 12.1 billion dollars to set a half-year record, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) said Tuesday.

High hopes for iPad push Apple shares near $300

(AP) -- Apple Inc.'s stock flirted with $300 Tuesday as investors high on the iPad's promise pushed shares to a record peak. Analysts see few reasons to believe shares will stop there.

Intel's 3Q offers upbeat outlook for PC industry (Update)

(AP) -- Investors were hoping for a sign from Intel Corp. that the bottom didn't fall out of the consumer personal computer market in the third quarter. The company showed Tuesday that the market held up reasonably well ...

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