Maldives floating island masterplan tests the waters

(Phys.org) -- From tourist paradise to devastation to sustainable future, an imaginative path toward rebirth is possible for global coastal populations at risk of being wiped out by rising sea levels. That path lies in artificial ...

Italy's biggest steel plant may have to halt production

Italy's biggest steel plant may have to halt production after a new court ruling announced Saturday against the operators who must clean up pollution that some blame for high local cancer rates.

UN chief launches new initiative to protect oceans

The UN chief on Sunday announced an initiative to protect oceans from pollution and over-fishing and to combat rising sea levels which threaten hundreds of millions of the world's people.

Dutch reality show to offer one-way tickets to Mars

As the world marvels at the latest US Mars landing, a Dutch start-up is aiming to beat NASA at its own game by sending the first humans to the red planet -- and film all as a reality show.

NASA's mega-rover landed on Mars. What's next?

(AP) — After a spectacular landing on Mars, the rover Curiosity wasted no time embracing its inner shutterbug, delighting scientists with vistas of Gale Crater complete with sand dunes, mountain views and even haze.

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