Baby stars, dancing galaxies: NASA shows new cosmic views

A sparkling landscape of baby stars. A foamy blue and orange view of a dying star. Five galaxies in a cosmic dance. The splendors of the universe glowed in a new batch of images released Tuesday from NASA's powerful new telescope.

Astronomers are helping find elusive atoms across the universe

Astronomers at the University of Toronto have spotted some of the most elusive stuff in our universe by taking a deep look at the cosmic web, the network of filaments and knots that trace the large-scale distribution of galaxies.

New study finds increase in anti-Hindu disinformation

Members of the Network Contagion Lab at Rutgers University-New Brunswick (NC Lab) have found evidence of a sharp rise and evolving patterns of hate speech directed toward the Hindu community across numerous social media platforms, ...

Researchers find nutrient imbalance in Flathead Lake

As any gardener or farmer can tell you, nitrogen and phosphorus are chemical elements found in soils and fertilizers that plants need to grow. They also know different ratios of nitrogen and phosphorus are ideal or detrimental ...

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