San Francisco sours on Apple computers

San Francisco city officials on Thursday said that they have soured on Apple computers due to the Macintosh maker's decision to bail out of a program to promote making electronics earth friendly.

NIF makes history with record 500 terawatt laser shot

(Phys.org) -- Fifteen years of work by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility (NIF) team paid off on July 5 with a historic record-breaking laser shot. The NIF laser system of 192 beams delivered ...

EEG helmet is being developed as interrogation device

(Phys.org) -- Veritas Scientific is working on an EEG helmet that carries a slideshow of images that could, they hope, reliably identify an enemy. The device is shaped like a motorcycle-helmet with metal brush sensors that ...

Senator questions findings in Toyota investigation

(AP) — A U.S. Senator is questioning whether the government thoroughly investigated electronic gremlins that could have caused Toyota vehicles to accelerate unexpectedly.

Review: More adventures, insights with Potter site

(AP) — Shortly before the Harry Potter saga came to an end on movie screens a year ago, we were teased with more adventures about the young wizard through a website called Pottermore.

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