Archive: 12/06/2008

Carbon Nanotubes as a Single-Photon Source

Carbon nanotubes, as true multi-purpose materials, have potential applications in everything from electrical circuits and drug delivery to golf clubs and space elevators. Recently, physicists have investigated single-walled ...

dateJun 12, 2008 in Nanophysics feature
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Toshiba's New 1.8-inch SATA HDD Achieves 160GB

Toshiba Corporation today announced a new line-up of 1.8-inch hard disk drives adopting a serial ATA interface, including the industry's first drive of this type with a capacity of 160 gigabytes. The new 160GB drive, MK1617GSG, ...

dateJun 12, 2008 in Hardware
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US still leads the world in science and technology

Despite perceptions that the nation is losing its competitive edge, the United States remains the dominant leader in science and technology worldwide, according to a RAND Corporation study issued today.

dateJun 12, 2008 in Other
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