Norwegian meteorite impact site located

Norwegian scientists say they've determined where a meteorite struck ground last week and now researchers are debating its impact.

TI developes 45-nm chip production process

Texas Instruments said Monday it had developed a 45-nanometer wet lithography process that doubles the number of chips it can produce on a silicon wafer.

GM hybrid peppers developed in Israel

Israeli researchers have produced genetically modified hybrid peppers that can be raised with minimal protection under moderate winter conditions.

New Microsoft Office seeks flexibility

Microsoft's new Office Business Applications program seeks to give individual employees more flexibility in accessing the computer information they need.

XMM-Newton spots the greatest of great balls of fire

Thanks to data from ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray satellite, a team of international scientists found a comet-like ball of gas over a thousand million times the mass of the sun hurling through a distant galaxy cluster over 750 kilometres ...

Book lists rare species found in Scotland

Scientists are lauding a new book from the Scottish Natural Heritage that catalogues more than 1,000 rare species found in the Cairngorm Mountains.

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