Archive: 12/05/2011

White House unveils cybersecurity plan

Companies that run critical U.S. industries such as power plants would get government incentives to make sure their systems are secure from computer-based attacks, the White House said Thursday, detailing its broad proposal ...

dateMay 12, 2011 in Internet
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Detecting wandering worlds that host life

Some planets that roam the galaxy without a star to call home still may be able to host life. Finding such rogue planets is difficult, but new research suggests these wandering worlds could be detected by their atmospheric ...

dateMay 12, 2011 in Astronomy
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Diagnosing 'seizures' in the US economy

Since 2008, the U.S. economy has been "seizing" uncontrollably. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher says that a comparison of the multifaceted economic downturn with the uncontrolled spasms of an epileptic is not inappropriate ...

dateMay 12, 2011 in Economics & Business
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