Archive: 12/04/2007

By airship to the North Pole

In 2008, scientists will, for the very first time, create a continual profile of ice thickness in the Artic, extending from the Canadian coast across the North Pole to Siberia. At the core of the project lies the crossing ...

dateApr 12, 2007 in Earth Sciences
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There's History and Money in Obsolete Computers

In the first purchase of his collection, Sellam Ismail loaded the trunk of his car with old computers he stumbled upon at a flea market for $5 apiece. Soon he had filled his three-car garage with what others would consider ...

dateApr 12, 2007 in Other
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IBM Rolls Out Low-Power Servers

In addition to offering a number of low-watt AMD and Intel processors, Big Blue will also offer a flash drive in one its blade systems as a way to reduce power consumption.

dateApr 12, 2007 in Hardware
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