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Bacteria detoxify deadly seawater

( -- Some marine bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide, which is toxic to animals. Scientists have now discovered that bacteria also protect marine animals from this toxic gas. A bacterial bloom detoxified a vast ...

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Climate Change Alters Ocean Chemistry

( -- Researchers have discovered that the ocean's chemical makeup is less stable and more greatly affected by climate change than previously believed. The researchers report in the December 12, 2008 issue of Science ...

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Biologist modifies theory of cells' engines

Biologists have known for decades that cells use tiny molecular motors to move chromosomes, mitochondria, and many other organelles within the cell, but no one has been able to understand what "steers" these engines to their ...

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Boy or girl? It's in the father's genes

( -- A Newcastle University study involving thousands of families is helping prospective parents work out whether they are likely to have sons or daughters.

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