Airbnb promises to play fair with cities

Airbnb dialed down its battle rhetoric Wednesday, promising to pay taxes and not cut into long-term housing amid criticism it unfairly competes with hotels and has exacerbated a San Francisco housing crisis.

Chile breaks ground on world's largest telescope

Chile broke ground Wednesday on a massive telescope that is set to be the world's largest and will allow astronomers to look back to the earliest moments after the Big Bang.

IAC offers to buy Angie's List for $512 million

IAC/InteractiveCorp., the owner of websites including About.com and HomeAdvisor.com, says it's offering to buy Angie's List for about $512 million to expand its home services providers.

Apple confident ahead of European Union tax judgement

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said he was feeling "pretty good" ahead of the European Union's judgement on its Irish tax arrangements, as the company announced 1,000 new jobs in Ireland on Wednesday.

New Facebook app fires news to smartphones

Facebook on Wednesday released a Notify application designed to keep iPhone users up to speed on the latest news and entertainment happenings.

Yik Yak social media service can reveal user data to police

Internet users of the Yik Yak social media app popular among college students aren't nearly as anonymous as they believe: Missouri police within hours arrested a student accused of threatening violence, the latest in a string ...

Shrubs on warming North Slope attract moose, hares

Snowshoe hares and moose, which are both relative newcomers to Alaska's North Slope, may have become established in the area with the help of warming temperatures and thicker vegetation.

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