Archive: 11/11/2008

NASA Begins Hunt for New Meteor Showers

It started out as a normal day. NASA astronomer and meteor expert Bill Cooke woke up, dressed, and went to his office at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Colleagues greeted him as usual, there was no hum of excitement.

dateNov 11, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Shedding light on ancient oceans

( -- There's a powerful source of energy humming away inside a laboratory at the University of Alberta. The energy is ultra-violet light, and it packs the same spectrum of rays that kept this planet lifeless for ...

dateNov 11, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Reducing consumption key to a sustainable future

( -- Based on then ground-breaking modelling, the forecasts of global ecological and economic collapse by mid-century contained in the controversial 1972 book; The Limits to Growth, are still ‘on-track’ according ...

dateNov 11, 2008 in Environment
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