Archive: 11/10/2010

On the trail of the epigenetic code

The genetic inherited material DNA was long viewed as the sole bearer of hereditary information. The function of its packaging proteins, the histones, was believed to be exclusively structural. Additional genetic information ...

dateOct 11, 2010 in Biotechnology
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Clicking TC-99m SPECT probes together

( -- Radioactively labeled compounds are important for use as imaging probes or radiotherapeutic agents. Most radioisotopes with suitable decay properties are transition metals or elements with metallic character. ...

dateOct 11, 2010 in Materials Science
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Swimming microorganisms stir things up

Two separate research groups are reporting groundbreaking measurements of the fluid flow that surrounds freely swimming microorganisms. Experiments involving two common types of microbes reveal the ways that one creature's ...

dateOct 11, 2010 in Soft Matter
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