Microsoft phone ads spoof smart phone addiction

(AP) -- As Microsoft sees it, we're all wandering around in a daze, heads tilted downward and eyes on our smart phone screens. We bump into strangers and ignore our loved ones. And the solution? Another smart phone, of course.

Researchers provide new understanding of bizarre extinct mammal

University of Florida researchers presenting new fossil evidence of an exceptionally well-preserved 55-million-year-old North American mammal have found it shares a common ancestor with rodents and primates, including humans.

5 reasons to like the Nissan Leaf

Surprise, the Nissan Leaf is great fun to drive. Well, it's not all that much of a surprise: I'd driven two other cars with the Leaf technology under the hood, but this was my first go-round (through Central Park, of all ...

Labour market specialists win Nobel Economics prize

Three labour market specialists, including one nominated but blocked for the US Federal Reserve board, won the 2010 Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for analysing and helping tackle unemployment.

Dogs may be pessimistic too

(PhysOrg.com) -- A study has gained new insight into the minds of dogs, discovering that those that are anxious when left alone also tend to show 'pessimistic' like behaviour.

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