Algae jet fuel makes splash at international air show

Researchers Qiang Hu and Milton Sommerfeld from ASU’s Department of Applied Biosciences recently flew to London to share their findings and research on the application of algae-based oils for creating biofuels at the Farnborough ...

Video archive project can record lectures for posterity

A new video service on University of Michigan's campus can capture presentations, classes and training workshops, post them online within 24 hours and archive them indefinitely in a high-quality universal format.

A Flash of Insight: LCROSS Mission Update

There are places on the Moon where the sun hasn't shined for millions of years. Dark polar craters too deep for sunlight to penetrate are luna incognita, the realm of the unknown, and in their inky depths, researchers believe, ...

North Pole could lose summer ice

(PhysOrg.com) -- While the summer of 2007 saw record low sea-ice coverage of the Arctic Ocean, a six-year study of the Arctic's sea ice has confirmed its ongoing, massive shrinking and drastic thinning.

A new look at the 'biobed's' role in pesticide spills

Scientists in Sweden are cautioning about the need for further research as more countries embrace a popular method for preventing pesticide spills. Their review of current scientific knowledge on the so-called "biobed" is ...

'Anti-noise' silences wind turbines

If wind energy converters are located anywhere near a residential area, they must never become too noisy even in high winds. Most such power units try to go easy on their neighbors' ears, but even the most careful design ...

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