China to send pork sperm on space flight

The next manned space flight of China will carry capsules of pedigree pig sperm in a test that scientists hope will ultimately produce better quality pork.

Siberian permafrost melting

Russian scientists said the western Siberian sub-Arctic region -- a peat bog the size of France and Germany -- has begun to thaw.

Erotic images, gore cause temporary "blindness"

If your partner seems to be ignoring you after a flash of nudity on the television screen, it might not be his or her fault. New research indicates that people shown erotic or gory images frequently fail to process what they ...

Yahoo! move will impact China's e-commerce

Plans by Yahoo! to invest $1 billion for a 35-percent to 40-percent stake in Chinese B2B and auction firm Alibaba.com will change the competitive landscape in China's e-commerce market, analysts told United Press International. ...

Mars Orbiter Launch Delayed Until Friday

Today's launch of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been postponed due to a fuel level sensor issue with the Centaur upper stage aboard the Atlas V rocket.

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