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Beyond 3G, communications services of the future

( -- Europe's telecommunications industry became the world leader in the 1990s. Now European researchers are working to maintain that lead by developing an innovative services platform for 'Beyond 3G' communications.

dateJul 11, 2008 in Telecom
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Exotic Chameleon Spends Most of its Life as an Egg

( -- Scientists have discovered a chameleon species that spends a good two-thirds of its life inside an egg: Furcifer labordi lives about 8-9 months as an embryo, and has a post-hatching lifespan of just 4-5 months. ...

dateJul 11, 2008 in feature
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'Fuel for thought' on transport sector challenges

The report: Fuel for thought – The future of transport fuels: challenges and opportunities addresses two serious issues – the need to dramatically reduce the transport sector's greenhouse gas emissions and, how to deal ...

dateJul 11, 2008 in Other
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