Microsoft to Offer Free Antivirus Protection

Microsoft is gearing up to offer Windows users a free real-time antivirus protection. Code name Morro, the antivirus product will be a hosted service. Morro works by routing all users Internet traffic to a Microsoft datacenter, ...

Portable Precision: A New Type of Atomic Clock

The most accurate atomic clocks in the world are based on the output of cesium atoms. These ultra-precise fountain clocks measure the frequency and time interval of seconds by using a fountain-like movement of cesium atoms. ...

New study describes risk of mobile phone virus attacks

Traditional cell phones have been immune to viruses because they lack standardized operating systems. However, as smart phones rapidly increase in market share, viruses pose a serious threat to mobile communications.

Climate pledges bound to breach key warming target: scientists

Pledges currently on the table at the UN climate talks will doom Earth to a warming of more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), a figure that has been widely endorsed as a safe limit, scientists said on Thursday.

Deforestation causes 'boom-and-bust' development in the Amazon

Clearing the Amazon rainforest increases Brazilian communities' wealth and quality of life, but these improvements are short-lived, according to new research published in Science. The study, by an international team including ...

New 'electronic glue' promises less expensive semiconductors

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed an "electronic glue" that could accelerate advances in semiconductor-based technologies, including solar cells and thermoelectric ...

Maple seeds and animals exploit the same trick to fly (w/Video)

The twirling seeds of maple trees spin like miniature helicopters as they fall to the ground. Because the seeds descend slowly as they swirl, they can be carried aloft by the wind and dispersed over great distances. Just ...

Private papers reveal ‘Who’s Who of British Science’

One of the most important archives of nineteenth-century science - stored in obscurity for over 100 years - has been reunited and acquired by the John Rylands University Library at The University of Manchester.

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