Archive: 11/05/2010

Black holes -- gas blowers of the Universe

( -- Supermassive black holes with the mass of many millions of stars have been detected at the centre of many large galaxies. A super-massive black hole acts like a lurking "monster" at the centre of the galaxy ...

dateMay 11, 2010 in Astronomy
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Herschel finds a hole in space

( -- ESA's Herschel infrared space telescope has made an unexpected discovery: a hole in space. The hole has provided astronomers with a surprising glimpse into the end of the star-forming process.

dateMay 11, 2010 in Astronomy
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Dinosaur research: Chew and stay small

There is a simple rule of thumb. The larger an animal is, the more time it spends eating. This means an elephant hardly has time to sleep. It spends 18 hours every day satisfying its huge appetite. 'This led us to one of ...

dateMay 11, 2010 in Archaeology & Fossils
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