Italian tadpole rescue mission under way

A complex emergency rescue mission reportedly is under way near Milan, Italy, to save the lives of hundreds of rare tadpoles discovered at a building site.

Indonesian volcano evacuation ordered

Indonesian officials have ordered the evacuation of about 17,000 residents of the island of Java as Mount Merapi spews more lava and poisonous smoke.

Darwinian mystery may have been solved

U.S. scientists may have solved Charles Darwin's "abominable mystery" of flowering plants' rapid evolution after they appeared 140 million years ago.

Congress may clamp down on MySpace

New legislation from Congress would block access to social-networking sites like MySpace and Facebook in schools and libraries, including instant-messaging services.

Indian tech teachers prefer hot jobs

The deans of hundreds of technology institutes in India are spending much of their time trying to fight the flight of their teachers from classrooms for lucrative hot jobs in Indian IT companies.

DoCoMo's promise of a beyond-3G phone

For some, having a MP3 player, camera, video player, organizer and Internet access on a single mobile phone simply isn't good enough. The picture quality must be better, as must the sound. But most importantly, the download ...

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