CES show attendance rebounds after dip in 2009

(AP) -- In another sign of the tentative economic recovery, the country's largest trade show saw at least a small increase in attendees, after a large drop a year ago.

Faster and more efficient software for the US Air Force

Researchers at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln have addressed the issue of faulty software by developing an algorithm and open source tool that is 300 times faster at generating tests and also reduces current software ...

New quantum cascade lasers emit more light than heat

Northwestern University researchers have developed compact, mid-infrared laser diodes that generate more light than heat - a breakthroughs in quantum cascade laser efficiency.

The secrets of the Sahara revealed

"When I first arrived in the Sahara, I was struck by how utterly barren it was, like the color green was removed from the palette when they made this place, just nothing, grays and browns, and not a scrap of life," Jennifer ...

As The Crust Turns: Cassini Data Show Enceladus in Motion

(PhysOrg.com) -- Blobs of warm ice that periodically rise to the surface and churn the icy crust on Saturn's moon Enceladus explain the quirky heat behavior and intriguing surface of the moon's south polar region, according ...

Ex-top NASA official charged in Mississippi

(AP) -- A former high-ranking NASA official is being indicted on charges he steered a $600,000 contract to Mississippi State University.

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