Intensive farming link to bovine tuberculosis

Intensive farming practices such as larger herd size, maize growth, fewer hedgerows and the use of silage have been linked to higher risk of bovine TB, new research has concluded.

NASA's beach ball coronagraph

What's better at blocking sunlight: a traditional flat occulter disk or a beach ball?

Pinpointing poverty with cellphone data

Mobile phone calls are analyzed to thwart crime and track diseases. Now, University at Buffalo researchers are studying if such data can help combat extreme poverty.

Feds: Lake Erie algae bloom in 2015 was largest on record

The algae bloom that spread across Lake Erie this summer was the largest on record and left behind a thick, paint-like scum that covered an area roughly the size of New York City, government scientists said Tuesday.

Research links tundra fires, thawing permafrost

Wildfires on Arctic tundra can contribute to widespread permafrost thaw much like blazes in forested areas, according to a study published in the most recent issue of the online journal Scientific Reports.

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