Will the real unemployment rate please stand up?

America's unemployment rate—most recently reported as 6.1 percent—has long been used to gauge the country's economic well-being. But a new working paper released by Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public ...

NASA image: Happy Camp Fire in California and 790 Fire in Oregon

The 790 Fire in Oregon began as a lightning strike on July 31, 2014. Over 3,000 acres have been affected by this fire which is 54% contained. In the next 12 to 48 hours there is a potential risk to Sky Lakes Wilderness and ...

Mosquito fact and fiction

One of Jason Pitts' favorite stories is about mosquitoes and their strange attraction to Limburger cheese.

'Destiny' video game has $500-million debut

Bungie studio's new science fiction action video game "Destiny" landed in the record books on Wednesday, boasting the biggest ever launch of a new franchise.

Scientists say the ozone layer is recovering

Earth's protective ozone layer is beginning to recover, largely because of the phase-out since the 1980s of certain chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosol cans, a U.N. scientific panel reported Wednesday in a rare piece ...

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