Are hurricanes increasing? Ask a Georgia Pine tree

Centuries of hurricane records have been discovered in the rings of southeastern US pine trees. This arboreal archive may contain critical information about how the Atlantic hurricane factory responds over the long term to ...

Genetics May Affect How Older Adults Respond to Exercise

New research suggests why some older adults who exercise have better physical function than others. Surprisingly, researchers found that an enzyme involved in blood pressure regulation may also influence how the body responds ...

Giant snails a danger in Florida

Florida officials reportedly are fearful giant South American channeled apple snails might threaten native species and endanger water quality.

Study Indicates Global Warming Trend

Summers are getting sunnier in Oregon, according to evidence presented today by University of Oregon physicists during the 2005 Solar World Congress in Orlando. The study is a first step toward testing and refining regional ...

Complete Sequence of Rice Genome Announced

The World's Most Important Food Crop Yields Its Genetic Secrets The journal Nature in a featured article today proclaimed the completion of the rice genome by the Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers (PGIR) and other members ...

Tough new probe developed for nanotechnologists

Since the invention of the atomic force microscope (AFM) in 1986 by Nobel laureate Gerd Binnig, the tool has been employed to advance the science of materials in many ways, from nanopatterning (dip-pen nanolithography) to ...

Space shuttle foam problem is studied

The fate of the space shuttle program reportedly rests with engineers and scientists studying problems encountered during the recent Discovery mission.

Stem cell research controversy expands

The often emotional controversy concerning stem cell research is reportedly expanding from Washington, now involving an increasing number of states.

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