Assistive robot adapts to people, new places

In the futuristic cartoon series "The Jetsons," a robotic maid named Rosie whizzed around the Jetsons' home doing household chores--cleaning, cooking dinner and washing dishes.

Mongoose pups work together to wheedle food out of carers

Mongoose pups use their littermates to gain more food from their carers. Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that a unique system of pup care reduces competition for adult help, allowing pups to collectively ...

Spring Is In the Air

Spring is in the air … and up for grabs? Well, uh, no, apparently not.

Perens Lashes Out at Claims GPL 3 Brings Legal Risks

Open-source luminary Bruce Perens scathingly dismisses claims by a lawyer for the Association for Competitive Technology that the latest draft of the GNU GPL Version 3 brings legal risks.

Mystery spiral galaxy arms explained?

Using a quartet of space observatories, University of Maryland astronomers may have cracked a 45-year mystery surrounding two ghostly spiral arms in the galaxy M106.

Marine scientists monitor longest mammal migration

Marine scientists recently published a research paper in the science journal, Biology Letters, that found humpback whales migrate over 5,100 miles from Central America to their feeding grounds off Antarctica; a record distance ...

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