E-waste in trash prohibited in California

It is illegal in California to place most consumer electronics, such as computers and televisions, as well as fluorescent bulbs and batteries in the trash.

No stem-cell misconduct by Pa. researcher

A University of Pittsburgh panel has ruled that a biologist committed no scientific misconduct involving fraudulent South Korean cloning research.

Researcher Finds Ancient Science and Math Are Timely

Two UC Davis researchers are cracking both the hieroglyphic code and cultural and mathematical understandings behind a 5,000-year calendar that is still used today in Mexico and Central America.

Making Sense of Plant Smells

A trip to the neighborhood florist is proof positive that flowers have an array of scents to pique our senses, but researchers are also investigating the myriad other functions of these aromas--known to scientists as "plant ...

First RAVE data release offers clues to Milky Way evolution

An international team of astronomers released to the public the first data collected as part of the Radial Velocity Experiment, an ambitious spectroscopic survey aimed at measuring the speed, temperature, surface gravity ...

International Space Station weekly report

After an almost six-hour spacewalk last week, the crew began the week with a little time off; then returned to science investigations, routine maintenance and equipment tests.

Mobile remittance gains ground in the Philippines

Rod Durmiendo is a software developer in Manila, and like many Filipinos, he sends money back home to family members living outside of the capital. In Durmiendo's case, he sends money to his brother in the southern city of ...

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