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Protecting lives, buildings from earthquakes

Several major earthquake events around the world over the last few years have led to significant damage and loss of lives. Many of these quakes caused buildings to collapse related to the construction quality of those structures. ...

dateJan 10, 2011 in Engineering
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Rebuilding the world one pixel at a time

Who says Rome wasn't built in a day? With the muscle of about 500 computers and 150,000 still images, Steve Seitz, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington's Seattle ...

dateJan 10, 2011 in Computer Sciences
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Fish find a suitable homes through noise

( -- Noisy neighbors can be desirable – at least if you’re a young reef fish trying to choose a home. New research from the Universities of Auckland and Bristol found that juvenile fish listen to ...

dateJan 10, 2011 in Ecology
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La Nina-caused woes down under

The current La Niña in the Pacific Ocean, one of the strongest in the past 50 years, continues to exert a powerful influence on weather around the world, affecting rainfall and temperatures in varying ways in different ...

dateJan 10, 2011 in Earth Sciences
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