Siri's abortion info flap: Blame it on Beta, says Apple

Siri is the intelligent iPhone personal assistant smart enough to give you an answer just by asking—unless your question is where to find the closest abortion clinic. In a fast and furious go-round this week, the American ...

Plunge in CO2 put the freeze on Antarctica

Plunge in CO2 put the freeze on AntarcticaAtmospheric carbon dioxide levels plunged by 40% before and during the formation of the Antarctic ice sheet 34 million years ago, according to a new study. The finding helps solve ...

New Nordic test center behind electric car charging standard

The new independent test center for electric car infrastructure named Nordic EV Interoperability Center (NEVIC), the first of its kind in the world, will ensure interoperability between electric cars and charging stations. ...

NYTimes.com friends Facebook in revamp

In a bid to elevate the debate, The New York Times is revamping reader comments on its website and joining a growing number of US newspapers in integrating Facebook into its commenting system.

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