Suit charges Windows 7 smartphones track users

Microsoft is in the crosshairs of a lawsuit charging that smartphones powered by Windows 7 software noted the whereabouts of users even if they didn't want to be tracked.

NASA sees Katia become second Atlantic Hurricane

The second Atlantic Ocean Hurricane was born today, Sept. 1 as Katia strengthened from a tropical storm in the central Atlantic. NASA's TRMM satellite noticed towering thunderstorms within Katia yesterday which clued forecasters ...

Hacker gets 6-year sentence for 'sextortion' case

(AP) -- A Southern California man was sentenced to six years in prison Thursday for infiltrating computers belonging to women and teenage girls where he found sexually explicit photos and threatening to put them online unless ...

Cryogenic catering truck comes to the ALMA observatory

The ultimate in high altitude, high-tech catering has arrived in Chile to serve chilled "provisions" to the telescopes at the largest astronomical complex in the world, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

In Seattle, work starts on 'greenest' office building

These days, there are plenty of "green" buildings, with solar heating, insulated windows, self-generated electricity. But what would it take to construct an office building at competitive leasing rates that generated its ...

IBM buying Algorithmics for $387 million

US computer giant IBM announced Thursday it is buying Algorithmics, a Toronto-based firm that makes risk analytics software, for $387 million.

Taiwan's HTC unveils 4G tablet

Taiwan's leading smartphone maker HTC unveiled its first tablet device with 4G telecommunications technology on Thursday.

Exposed: Uncensored WikiLeaks cables posted to Web

Uncensored copies of WikiLeaks' massive tome of U.S. State Department cables circulated freely Thursday across the Internet, leaving a whole new batch of U.S. sources vulnerable to embarrassment and potential retribution.

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