Station Spacewalkers to Install Electrical Monitor

Space Station crew members Jeff Williams and Thomas Reiter will work to avoid future shocks during a scheduled 6-hour-plus spacewalk Aug. 3. They also will have a third station crew member for the first time in more than ...

Seeing the unseen universe

A new method for incorporating astronomical observational data into computer simulations promises to be a significant advance in enabling future cosmological surveys aimed at understanding dark energy and dark matter. Dark ...

Nuclear plant faced possible meltdown

Last week's shutdown of the Forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden, north of Stockholm, reportedly could have resulted in a meltdown.

Audit says Los Alamos Lab broke rules

U.S. Department of Energy auditors say the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico violated administrative procedures involving data protection.

Stardust@home launches today

On your marks, dust hunters! The University of California, Berkeley's Stardust@home project - a needle-in-a-haystack search for interstellar dust that's open to anyone with a computer - gets off the ground tomorrow (Tuesday, ...

Tyrannosaur Survivorship -- Tough Times For Teens

A massive dinosaur death bed in Alberta has helped map out the animal's life span and thrown doubt on long-held theories about how one species lived, says new research conducted in part at the University of Alberta.

Google Earth impacts science

The world's scientists are increasingly using Google Earth's digital globe, which has also attracted millions of non-scientists around the world.

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