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Gold, DNA Combination May Lead To Nano-Sensor

The ability to use genetic material to assemble nanoscopic particles of gold could be an important step toward creating tiny “spies” that will be able to infiltrate individual cells and report back in real time on the ...

dateJul 01, 2008 in Nanomaterials
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Pregnant women get morning sickness to protect fetus

Morning sickness. It's the bane of many of a pregnancy. And many a future mother wonders at the apparently unnecessary suffering. But, it turns out, there's meaning to the misery. Two evolutionary biologists report that morning ...

dateJul 01, 2008 in
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Catch a new planet

Is there anybody out there? Could the Universe contain lots of other planets like ours? Are there new worlds yet to be discovered?

dateJul 01, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Ski Faster with Camera-less Fusion Motion Capture

Professional skiers can now learn how to ski faster with the aid of a new system used to capture 3D motion of athletic movements – Fusion Motion Capture (FMC). Featured in Wiley-Blackwell’s journal, Sports Technology, ...

dateJul 01, 2008 in Other
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