A new direction of topological research is ready for take off

In a joint effort, ct.qmat scientists from Dresden, Rostock, and W├╝rzburg have accomplished non-Hermitian topological states of matter in topolectric circuits. The latter acronym refers to topological and electrical, giving ...

Ancient volcanic eruption destroyed the ozone layer

A catastrophic drop in atmospheric ozone levels around the tropics is likely to have contributed to a bottleneck in the human population around 60 to 100,000 years ago, an international research team has suggested. The ozone ...

Restored peatlands store carbon and mitigate climate change

Estonia has almost 10,000 ha of peat production land that has lain abandoned since the Soviet era, as well as peatland that is in use at present for peat production but whose resources will be exhausted in the near future. ...

How do plants hedge their bets?

In some environments there is no way for a seed to know for sure when the best time to germinate is.

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