No longer a last resort: Pulling CO2 from the air

To save the world from the worst ravages of climate change, slashing carbon pollution is no longer enough—CO2 will also need to be sucked out of the atmosphere and buried, a landmark UN report is expected to say on Monday.

California drought deepens as wet season is anything but

California is experiencing one of the driest starts to spring in decades, data showed Friday, and absent a heavy dose of April and May showers the state's drought will deepen and that could lead to stricter rules on water ...

After wildfires, California communities struggle with budgets

California is a wildfire hot spot: each year, homes, businesses, and ecosystems are destroyed by fires exacerbated by climate change. But even after the blazes subside, wildfires can still threaten community wellbeing. A ...

NASA begins critical final test on mega Moon rocket

NASA on Friday began a critical two-day-long test of its giant Space Launch System (SLS) rocket complete with a simulated countdown, as the agency gears up to return humans to the Moon.

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