Patent issued for anti-gravity device

The U.S. patent office has reportedly granted a patent for an anti-gravity device -- breaking its rule to reject inventions that defy the laws of physics.

Professor sues FSU, wants gift back

The inventor of synthetic Taxol reportedly is suing Florida State University for reneging on a deal to create a research center on molecular recognition.

Live phishing shows risk of personal info

Despite all the warnings about giving out personal information, many people still freely give away seemingly innocuous details that can be used to crack their passwords, according to the results of a "live phishing" survey. ...

Alphabet stone found near Jerusalem

Archaeologists digging at a site near Jerusalem report finding a stone containing the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in the wall of an ancient building.

Report: Strategy changes at Microsoft?

Bill Gates has reportedly agreed that Microsoft could fall behind the technology curve as online services become a leading presence on the Internet.

Organised wind chaos on Jupiter

Scientists from the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and the University of California Los Angeles, have now presented a new three-dimensional computer model that ...

U.S. EPA finalizes ozone pollution rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday is has published rules to guide local governments in reducing ozone pollution.

Scientist turns tortoises into spies

A Russian scientist has reportedly discovered a way to turn tortoises into biological robots and train them for defense purposes, Russia's NTV news.

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