Evidence of top quarks in collisions between heavy nuclei

The result of recent research by the CMS collaboration opens the path to study in a new and unique way an extreme state of matter that is thought to have existed shortly after the Big Bang. The collaboration has seen evidence ...

Climate change is threatening unique permafrost landforms

As the permafrost thaws, the topography of the Arctic will alter dramatically, according to an international study headed by Finnish geographers. The study, which covered the entire area of permafrost in the Arctic, found ...

The legacy of of the Spitzer Space Telescope

To understand the significance of the Spitzer Space Telescope on the understanding of our solar system, think of what the steam engine meant for the industrial revolution.

NASA finds hurricane Delta packing heavy rainfall

NASA's satellite rainfall product that incorporates data from satellites and observations found that Hurricane Delta was bringing along heavy rainfall as it headed to the U.S. Gulf Coast on Oct. 9.

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