Indian PM warns of dangers of social media

Indian Premier Manmohan Singh warned Saturday over the use of social media to inflame ethnic tensions after online threats and text messages sparked a mass exodus of migrants from southern cities.

Indian PM defends spending on space exploration

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday defended spending millions of dollars on space exploration despite many people in the country living in grinding poverty.

World watches for 'iPhone 5' unveiling Wednesday

Apple becomes the focus of the technology universe Wednesday as the world awaits a new iPhone with a big, beautiful touchscreen and connectivity to blazingly fast telecom networks.

Cyprus offers safe haven for turtles across divide

On a late August evening, thousands of baby endangered sea turtles flip, flop and somersault down the sands of this protected beach in northern Cyprus as excited onlookers cheer them on.

Two tornadoes hit New York City

Two small tornadoes touched down in New York City, stunning residents who associate twisters more with the US Midwest, the National Weather Service said.

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