NASA to try Moon satellite launch Saturday

NASA has postponed until Saturday its next attempt to launch a $500 million pair of unmanned spacecraft that will use gravity tools to map the Moon's inner core for the first time.

A switch that lets one photon alter the quantum state of another

Quantum computers are largely theoretical devices that would exploit the weird properties of matter at extremely small scales to perform calculations, in some cases much more rapidly than conventional computers can. To date, ...

FC-R&D releases natural-energy power system

( -- A home energy system that uses water, sunlight, and hydrogen has been released by Japan's FC-R&D. The system is called ZEEP24, where electricity is generated during the day using solar panels. Hiroshi Nakijima, ...

Sewage-tainted floodwaters threaten public health

(AP) -- Nasty floodwaters from the remnants of Lee and Irene - tainted with sewage and other toxins - threaten public health in parts of the Northeast by direct exposure or the contamination of private water wells, officials ...

Google provides HTC ammo in Apple patent fight

Smartphone titan HTC Corp. on Thursday ramped up its patent war with Apple with the help of ammunition provided by Google, the force behind Android mobile software.

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