Peppermint yes, Mozart no for test-takers

U.S. and European researchers have stumbled on a number of things that might help students do well on tests, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

World's oldest ecological study is honored

Ecologists are preparing to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the world's oldest ecological research project -- The Park Grass Experiment -- in Britain.

Most advanced research ship commissioned

The University of Delaware has commissioned the Research Vessel Hugh R. Sharp, the newest and most advanced coastal research ship in the nation.

Androids might soon become science fact

New Zealand and European scientists say it's time to send R2-D2 back to science fiction land -- and get ready to greet androids that think and act like humans.

Oak Ridge lab reactor to return to service

The U.S. Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory's high flux isotope reactor is expected to go back into operation this summer after $70 million in renovation.

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