Monkeys mimic kids in toy selections

A Texas A&M study suggests biological pre-wiring determines why boys and girls enjoy playing with different types of toys, not sociological factors.

Wrong order slams Mizuho's finances

It might have been an innocuous mistake in any other industry. But a single mistake in what should have been a straightforward sell order by a broker led the Japanese stock market to tumble Thursday, heightening fears among ...

Study: Adult kids puzzled by aging parents

A study by a Washington University psychologist in St. Louis suggests adult siblings may have vastly differing views on what their aging parents want.

Asian performing monkeys virus carriers

A University of Washington study shows some urban performing monkeys in Indonesia are carriers of retroviruses capable of infecting people.

BellSouth expands VoIP services

BellSouth Thursday expanded its support system for Voice over Internet Protocol applications to include conferencing capabilities.

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