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What's nature worth? New computer models tell all

Breath in. The air is free. But we'd all agree it's not worthless. So, what's the price tag on benefits provided by nature? In 1997, the University of Vermont's Robert Costanza and his co-authors put the answer at $33 trillion ...

dateAug 08, 2006 in Environment
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In new hybrid chip, molecules are memories

As scientists strive to satisfy the growing demand of the digital era for faster, smaller, and cheaper electronics, one of the most promising technologies is hybrids. Hybrid ICs (integrated circuits) consist of a combination ...

dateAug 08, 2006 in Nanomaterials feature
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Student invents the Hyperbow

A U.S. graduate student has invented an electronic system to measure minute changes in the position, acceleration and strain of a violin bow.

dateAug 08, 2006 in Engineering
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A nursery for Hurricanes

Every hurricane season, about 100 low-pressure weather disturbances whirl westward out of West Africa and over the Atlantic Ocean, but less than one-fifth of them become tropical depressions, storms or hurricanes.

dateAug 08, 2006 in Earth Sciences
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In genetics, memory may span generations

Swiss scientists say they've determined plants pass memories of stressful events from parent to progeny to help them adapt to difficult conditions.

dateAug 08, 2006 in
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