Study: How an internal organelle doubles

Yale University scientists have found a mechanism that regulates the way an internal organelle, the Golgi apparatus, duplicates as cells prepare to divide.

No salvation yet for TiVo from Yahoo! deal

No longer satisfied with simply being an Internet search engine, Yahoo! has been diversifying its portfolio rapidly over the past few months through a number of major acquisitions and business deals with other companies. ...

Microsoft takes lead in AOL bidding

Microsoft Corp. has taken the lead in talks to purchase a major stake in America Online from Time Warner Inc., according to a news report Monday.

Fast and totally secure communication in quantum

A new era of totally secure communication and information sharing is within reach, with physicists at ANU achieving possibly the world’s fastest transmission of 'unhackable' data using bright lasers to generate an absolutely ...

A researcher racing for results

Yuntian Zhu of DOE's Los Alamos National Laboratory's may have started late in the race to develop ultra-long carbon nanotubes, but he is now on the fast track to success.

ISS crew takes a space walk

U.S. astronaut William McArthur and Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev took part in a Monday spacewalk at the International Space Station.

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