Parents, not schools, hold the key to maths success

Parental influence has a far greater impact on a child's attainment in mathematics than any factor related to school environment, a new study published today from the University of Sussex reveals.

Seismic data yields deeper quake knowledge

By examining data from large earthquakes, KAUST researchers have linked their magnitude, and the extent to which they cause aftershocks, to new depths in the Earth's crust: these are depths at which it was previously thought ...

Paleontologists identify new species of mosasaur

A new species of an ancient marine reptile evolved to strike terror into the hearts of the normally safe, fast-swimming fish has been identified by a team of University of Alberta researchers, shedding light on what it took ...

Mapping bird migration

Each spring, billions of land birds—thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers, and more—migrate through the night, navigating the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Even greater numbers migrate in the fall. During the day, these ...

Sicker livestock may increase climate woes

Climate change is affecting the spread and severity of infectious diseases around the world—and infectious diseases may in turn be contributing to climate change, according to a new paper in Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

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