Magnetic Field Acts as 'Remote Control' to Deliver Nanomedicine

A nanoparticle-based drug delivery concept in which an applied magnetic field directs the accumulation in tumor cells of custom-designed, drug-filled nanocarriers has been demonstrated by University at Buffalo researchers.

UNH space scientists deliver twin instruments to NASA

The "Critical Care, White Glove Service" Federal Express truck pulled away from Morse Hall at the University of New Hampshire bound for Cape Canaveral, Fla. Inside the big, air-cushioned, climate-controlled truck was a single, ...

Report: Weather satellite project lagging

U.S. officials seven years ago unveiled plans to launch a series of satellites to provide more accurate weather forecasts -- but it hasn't happened yet.

Termites frighten South Florida residents

It's South Florida's termite season, but this year a "super termite" species is reportedly starting to scare South Florida pest-control experts.

Producing bio-ethanol from agricultural waste a step closer

Research conducted by Delft University of Technology has brought the efficient production of the environmentally-friendly fuel bio-ethanol a great deal closer to fruition. The work of Delft researcher Marko Kuyper was an ...

Sensational Find: the Mini-Dinosaurs from the Harz Mountains

When unusually small dinosaur fossils were found in a quarry on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains in 1998, it was initially assumed that these were the remains of a group of young dinosaurs. This was a fallacy, as the ...

The Web: Social networking searches

Media mogul Martha Stewart is launching an online social network for women -- joining other entrepreneurs who are starting similar projects and are collectively propelling social networks into the mainstream of the Internet, ...

Scientists warn of closing nuclear plant

The National Academy of Sciences has issued a warning concerning the planned closing of the Indian Point nuclear plant near New York City.

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