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Paving the Way for Crystal Growth

In order to study the properties of LBCO superconductors, scientists need to produce large, single crystals of the material - a difficult task that wasn't possible until recently. At the state-of-the-art crystal growth facility ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in Condensed Matter
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On a diet? You'll spend more on impulse purchases

People who exercise self control in some way, such as dieting or trying not to look at or think about something, will tend to make more impulse purchases if given the opportunity, explains a study from the March issue of ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in Other
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The antenna bride and bridegroom

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an international telescope project, reached a major milestone on 2 March, when two 12-m ALMA prototype antennas were first linked together as an integrated system to ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Double-star systems cycle between big and small blasts

Certain double, or binary, star systems erupt in full-blown explosions and then flare up with smaller bursts, according to new information gathered by NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) and analyzed by a team of astronomers, ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in Astronomy
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