Petacache: Use that Memory

For decades, high energy experimental physicists have struggled with a fundamental problem: they simply have too much data to analyze quickly and in its entirety.

Zogby poll on evolution is released

A poll by Zogby International reportedly shows most Americans support public school teachers presenting evolution and intelligent design theories.

Study: Olive oil fed 2,000 B.C. foundries

Italian scientists have reportedly discovered the Mediterranean's first foundries were fueled by olive oil and not, as previously believed, by charcoal.

Elpida Intros New 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAMs

Elpida Memory today announced the availability of its second-generation 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAMs and six memory modules based on the new devices.

Intel Discloses Details of Intel Core Microarchitecture

Intel Corporation today disclosed details of its forthcoming Intel Core microarchitecture, a new industry–leading foundation for Intel's multi–core server, desktop and mobile processors for computers later this year.

Kurdish family walks on all fours

Five members of a Kurdish family in Turkey, who can only walk naturally on all fours, are being hailed as a unique insight into human evolution.

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