Archive: 06/10/2008

Researchers document world's mammals in crisis

From majestic African elephants to tiny and often unappreciated rodents, mammals on Earth are in a state of crisis. One in four mammal species on Earth is being pushed to extinction, according to the Global Mammal Assessment, ...

dateOct 06, 2008 in Environment
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Playing Pinball with Atoms

With nanotechnology yielding a burgeoning menagerie of microscopic pumps, motors, and other machines for potential use in medicine and industry, here is one good question: How will humans turn those devices on and off?

dateOct 06, 2008 in Nanophysics
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Metastatic movements in 3-D

Caswell et in the Journal of Cell Biology how the altered behavior of integrins can prompt metastatic movement in tumor cells.

dateOct 06, 2008 in
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Visualizing election polls

Do you want to know the percentage of white women who support vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin? What about college-educated versus high school-educated white women? Or those who also hunt?

dateOct 06, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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